VMS Authentication Module



When it comes to protecting critical data assets, enterprises cannot risk unauthorized users gaining access to this vital information. The use of static, clear text passwords has proven easy for hackers to beat. Process Software’s VMS Authentication Module provides an added layer of security for protecting mission critical applications running on OpenVMS. The authentication methods include secure LDAP and RADIUS. Any combination of authentication methods can be deployed in an organization.

Process Software’s VMS Authentication Module software can be deployed to protect a specific application on the OpenVMS system or as part of OpenVMS LOGINOUT. The LDAP or RADIUS client can be integrated into third-party applications using the VMS Authentication Module API. Process Software is available to help with any special requests including additional authentication methods and application integration.



  • Protects applications from unauthorized users
  • Integrates seamlessly with any OpenVMS application
  • Fits into your existing LDAP or RADIUS infrastructure
  • Provides OpenVMS operating system authentication