MultiNet for OpenVMS is a full suite of TCP/IP applications and services for OpenVMS VAX, Alpha and Integrity platforms. It enables OpenVMS systems to participate as fully functional TCP/IP hosts within an intranet and on the Internet. Leveraging existing OpenVMS resources, MultiNet enables a VAX, Alpha or Integrity system to take advantage of all the services and applications available on the Internet. Customers such as Dupont, Eastman, EDS, Ford Motor Company, and MCI rely on MultiNet to run their mission critical networks.


MultiNet has proven that it is a superior product with its reliability and advanced features.

David Barnes, Systems Analyst, Kaleida Health


MultiNet Advantages:

  • Secure communication with SFTP, Intrusion Prevention System, IP Security (IPSEC), Kerberos v5.0 TELNET server and client, SSH servers and clients, SFTP, SCP servers and clients, and more.
  • Full support for IPv6
  • Investment protection with new feature support on OpenVMS v5.5-2 and higher
  • Increase network performance and reliability with Paired Network Interface
  • Complete, reliable DHCP solution: DHCP client and server with Safe-failover
  • Ease of management with SMTP and FTP statistics and accounting reports
  • Advanced printing and troubleshooting with the IETF standards-based Internet Printing Protocol
  • Runs on VAX, Alpha, and Integrity systems