SSH for OpenVMS



SSH for OpenVMS server and client software provides secure communications for system administrators using HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS on Alpha and Integrity systems. It protects against a wide variety of potential security breaches such as spoofing, eavesdropping or hijacking a session, and man-in-the- middle attacks. System administrators can trust that user files, e-mails, and data reach their destination securely.

SSH is the defacto standard for Internet security. SSH protocol version 2 is the basis for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) SECSH standard. Many large enterprises and government organizations have used Process Software's SSH software worldwide for many years.


When you can't take a chance on security, organizations have turned to SSH for OpenVMS including many financial institutions, government agencies, and healthcare providers.


SSH Advantages:

  • Multi-protocol support: SSH protocol v1 and v2 server and client
  • Provides secure file transfer with Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) servers and clients
  • Secures numerous applications with port forwarding
  • Provides many authentication and encryption options
  • Easy to manage using single sign-on
  • Operates with most third-party SSH clients
  • Saves time and connection fees with data compression support
  • Protects your investment with any version of TCP/IP Services supported by VSI/HPE running on OpenVMS v5.5-2 or higher.