PreciseMail Anti-Spam



PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway is an enterprise email security solution that eliminates spam, phishing and virus threats at the Internet gateway or mail server.


PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway stops 99% of the spam consistently without filtering out legitimate email for our 22,000 email users. Our users are ecstatic it filters spam so effectively.

David Webb, Security Team Leader, Middlesex University



  • Provides complete integrated email security
  • Proven out-of the-box spam detection accuracy rate of 98% with zero loss of legitimate messages
  • Easy centralized web-based administration
  • Intuitive user-controlled spam management
  • Flexible deployment options for any mail environment
  • Reliably manages email filtering on multiple MTAs
  • Comprehensive graphical reporting
  • Optional Sophos Anti-Virus and ClamAV modules
  • Over 20 years of experience providing messaging solutions to mission critical environments


Why Customers Like PreciseMail

Effective: PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway blocks spam, viruses, and phishing threats at the Internet gateway or on the mail server. PreciseMail combines several best-of-breed spam filtering methods to achieve a high spam detection rate - an impressive 98% out-of-the-box in a recent Network World product review - with zero loss of legitimate messages.

Flexible: PreciseMail is a software solution that works with any mail server. PreciseMail can also be integrated directly with Sendmail, Sun's Messaging Server, or Process Software's PMDF.

Easy: PreciseMail's intuitive web-based interface provides each user access to their quarantined messages, and allows easy creation of block lists, allow lists, and modification of spam filtering preferences. The web-based administrator interface centralizes all configuration, reporting, and management tasks.