About Us


Process Software is a premier supplier of communications software solutions to mission critical environments since 1984. With a loyal customer base of over 3,000 organizations, including Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 companies, Process Software has earned a strong reputation for meeting the stringent reliability and performance requirements of enterprise networks. Process Software products include:

  • PMDF - a high-performance standards-based Internet messaging product suite
  • PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway - eliminates spam at the Internet gateway
  • MultiNet and TCPware - a suite of TCP/IP applications and services for HP Alpha, VAX and Integrity systems running OpenVMS
  • SSH for OpenVMS - client and server software that provides secure encrypted communications for HP Alpha, VAX and Integrity systems running TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
  • VMS Authentication Module - provides an added layer of security for applications running on the HP OpenVMS platform

Process Software can be reached by visiting www.process.com, emailing info@process.com or calling (800) 722-7770 / (508) 879-6994.