PreciseMail Anti-Spam White Papers


Migrating to PreciseMail from Spam Assassin

The freeware package SpamAssassin is one of the most popular anti-spam filters in use today, but it does have limitations that make it unsuitable for use with some sites. PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway is a versatile high-performance filter designed to overcome those limitations. This white paper explains the simple steps required to migrate your site’s spam filtering from SpamAssassin to PreciseMail.

Achieving Zero Loss of Legitimate Messages with Anti-Spam Solutions

Implementing the wrong anti-spam solution can introduce a new and more costly problem - losing legitimate messages. This wastes time and leads to lost business. This document describes several techniques that modern anti-spam solutions support to minimize or even eliminate false positives.

Authentication Case Studies

To help system administrators cope with complex collections of email server systems, PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway includes a plethora of authentication methods that can be mixed-and-matched together to fit a site’s needs. The ability to simultaneously support multiple authentication methods is unique to PreciseMail. This whitepaper describes each of the authentication methods provided by PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway, and provides case studies of how several sites have combined the PreciseMail authentication methods to provide a seamless experience to their end users.

Explanation of Common Spam Filtering Techniques

This document describes in detail how several of the most common spam filtering technologies work, how effective they are at stopping spam, their strengths and weaknesses, and techniques used by spammers to circumvent them.

Email User Guidelines for Preventing Spam

Email users can be less susceptible to spam attacks with a little education. This document provides information that should be communicated to every email user in your organization.

Common Tricks Employed by Spammers

As spam filters evolve to become better and better at identifying and discarding spam, they force the spammers to develop new tricks to circumvent the filters. This whitepaper examines some of the most common tricks employed by spammers to sneak messages through today’s spam filtering solutions.

Introduction to Bayesian Filtering

This whitepaper gives a basic explanation of what Bayes’ Formula is, and how it can be used to keep spam out of your Inbox.

Bayesian Filtering Example

Bayes’ Formula allows us to determine the probability of an event occurring based on the probabilities of two or more independent evidentiary events. This whitepaper provides a mathematical example of how Bayes' Formula works.