Email User Guidelines for Preventing Spam


Email User Guidelines for Preventing Spam (PDF)

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A good spam filter like PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway is essential for any organization since email is a critical business communication tool. Email users can be less susceptible to spam attacks with a little education. Once users are educated on spam, they will be able to lower their profile, thereby avoiding actions that get them on the spamming email lists.

The following information should be communicated to every email user in your organization:

  • Never accept the option to "click here to unsubscribeā€¯ or send a reply. That tells the spammer that they have a valid email address. Email users may actually start getting MORE spam instead!
  • When submitting forms over the Web, opt out of any newsletter or mailing list. Many companies share or sell their e-mail lists so once users are on their list, they will soon be on another, and another, and another.
  • Refrain from forwarding chain letters, humor, news flashes, or even family messages. Spammers receive these messages too, and then extract the embedded address list for their own use.
  • Use a disposable e-mail address (Yahoo!, AOL, etc.) when registering with retail Web sites or message boards. These are sure-fire targets for spam. By using a different address, you can keep your business address clean.
  • Select longer, more complicated email names. Shorter addresses tend to receive more spam mail than longer ones, according to The Center for Democracy and Technology, a policy group.
  • Provide a different address for your friends and family. You may be careful with your business address, but if a friend or relative lets your address get out, all your other efforts are wasted.
  • Run an anti-virus engine on your home PC and keep it current. Many viruses target the Outlook address list. If your home PC is used for work it has all of your important addresses. A personal firewall is a good idea too.
  • Treat your email address with respect. Give it out with the same consideration you use for your home address or personal cell phone number. Your email address is a valuable commodity. Remember to use it wisely and you can avoid both the junk e-mail and the frustration of dealing with it.