SSH Solutions


If your organization requires secure communication on Integrity, Alpha or VAX systems, one of Process Software's SSH solutions is right for you. Process Software's MultiNet and TCPware stacks for OpenVMS or SSH for OpenVMS provides a complete SSH client/server solution to ensure data, e-mail, and user files reach their destination securely.

  • SSH protects against spoofing, eavesdropping or hijacking a session, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Choose from some of the most secure authentication and data encryption methods available today.


Case Studies

Kaleida Health's OpenVMS Environment is Strong, Healthy and Secure with MultiNet
University of Arizona Relies on MultiNet's SSH and SCP
Surplus Record uses MultiNet's Secure Shell Security


White Papers/Technical Overviews

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SSH Server and Client Product Solutions

How Process Software's SSH solution compares to the HP SSH solution on OpenVMS
MultiNet TCP/IP Stack for OpenVMS
TCPware TCP/IP Stack for OpenVMS
SSH for OpenVMS - Alpha and VAX systems running HP TCP/IP Services
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