MultiNet Case Study: Kaleida Health


MultiNet is not only reliable, but it performs well in a mixed operating system environment.

David Barnes, Systems Analyst, Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health was formed in 1998 when the largest and most advanced health care providers in Western New York combined their strengths, resources and people to become one. These five acute-care health care providers included Buffalo General Hospital, The Children's Hospital of Buffalo, DeGraff Memorial Hospital, Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. Each of Kaleida Health's member organizations has a strong tradition of outstanding service to the community, dating back to the 1800s, and together they are committed to providing the finest quality medical care well into the 21st century.

Ranking as the 39th largest system of its kind in the United States, Kaleida Health has more than 13,000 employees, 1,830 on the medical staff, 1,828 licensed acute-care beds, 557 long-term care beds and 127 behavioral treatment beds.

For the core of their MIS operation, Kaleida Health chose MultiNet as their preferred TCP/IP stack for OpenVMS. MultiNet runs on nine AlphaServer OpenVMS hosts that are used for clinical information systems and their results repository.

"MultiNet is the most reliable TCP/IP stack for OpenVMS on the market. I have evaluated Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS and decided that MultiNet is more reliable, it never fails" says David Barnes, Systems Analyst, Kaleida Health.

As an avid user of MultiNet for many years since release 2.5, Barnes stated "MultiNet is not only reliable, but it performs well in a mixed operating system environment". Kaleida Health uses the MultiNet NFS, and FTP server daily to communicate with UNIX hosts, while reporting and extracting data and moving patient files. Windows, HP-UX, and other platforms are also used in the Kaleida Health network.

"SSH and SCP are other examples of how MultiNet is ahead of the competition. Secure encrypted remote communication and file transfer are required in order to meet our stringent patient confidentiality requirements" says Barnes.

Barnes stated "MultiNet has proven that it is a superior product with its reliability and advanced features. Process Software's Technical Support is also very knowledgeable and responsive."