SSH Solutions Comparison


As part of our broader Process Software product strategy, we have been focusing on providing the most secure solutions, which is a priority for customers with mission critical environments. The Process Software SSH solutions have been running in thousands of production environments using the SSH servers and clients offered in MultiNet, TCPware, and SSH for OpenVMS software products for many years. A team of Process Software security experts support these SSH solutions. As a result, we have delivered the most feature-rich SSH solutions for the OpenVMS environment compared to other products on the market. Protecting your organization is our priority. Our solution can be differentiated in the following ways:



Process Software is committed to providing SSH security to all of the OpenVMS community. We offer broader platform and version support than other SSH solutions with the following:

  • All new SSH features are supported on OpenVMS v5.5-2 to the current version
  • SSH solutions are offered on VAX systems
  • Process Software has committed to port all SSH products to VMS Software's upcoming x86 release and provide commercial support



Most OpenVMS systems operate in a heterogeneous environment. This is why we have focused on providing SSH solutions that work with other operating environments and products. Process Software supports:

  • The transfer of text files from VMS to non-VMS systems with our ASCII transfers and the TRANSLATE functionality. Users of HP's OpenVMS solution can perform only binary data transfer or stream-lf files; users must do a manual conversion of the majority of text files on their OpenVMS systems before they can be transferred to other systems.
  • A wide range of functionality with SFTP protocol versions 2 through 4. Many other SSH solutions available today also support protocol version 3 or 4. Any vendor that supports only version 2 of the protocol, such as the HP solution on OpenVMS, may not be able to take advantage of the more robust functionality offered in products that support the more advanced versions of the protocol.
  • Process Software SSH solutions preserve the VMS header information with SFTP, which may be needed for applications to operate without any issues. The HP solution on SSH does not preserve VMS header information with SFTP.



Process Software SSH solutions provide a mechanism for managing expired passwords. Without such as mechanism, there is a potential security issue. HP’s SSH solution on OpenVMS does not support any type of expired password management.


Ease of Use

Process Software’s SSH solutions can be used with your existing security infrastructure with little effort. We offer single sign-on support for organizations that are using Kerberos v5 and PKI certificates.

SSH defines an authentication mechanism that is based on public keys, but does not define any mechanism for key distribution. No common key management solution exists in many implementations. The public-key subsystem provides a server-independent mechanism for clients to add public keys, remove public keys, and list the current public keys known by the server. Rights to manage public keys are specific and limited to the authenticated user.


Feature Comparison Process SSH Solutions for OpenVMS HP TCP/IP Services
SFTP transferring text files from VMS to non-VMS systems
SSH, SFTP, and SCP support on VAX
Support for SFTP protocol version 3 and 4
SSH expired password management
Single sign-on support for Kerberos 5 and PKI certificates
SSH Public Key Assistant & Server