TCPware Feature Comparison


Feature TCPware TCP/IP Services
DHCP Server Safe-failover
FTP Server Access Controls
DHCP v3 Server
E-Mail Services
IMAP4 mail server on VAX, AXP, and Itanium systems
Security Services
Intrusion Prevention System
Packet filtering
Ougoing & incoming access restrictions by port
SFTP text file transfer from VMS to non-VMS systems
SSH, SFTP, and SCP support on VAX
SSH interoperability with third-party support for SFTP versions 3 & 4
SSH expired password management
Single sign-on support for Kerberos 5 and PKI certificates
SSH public key assistant & server
CERTTOOL utility for X.509 certificate manipulation
Single sign-on access to LDAP and RADIUS authentication
FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant SSH server and client
SSH single sign-on support for Kerberos 5 and PKI certificates
Printing Services
Internet Printing Protocol
IPP printer utility
Infrastructure & Other
Paired Network Interface Load Balancing
FTP and SMTP accounting & statistics
Throughput statistics
New features available on OpenVMS 5.5-2 and higher
Support for VAX platform