PMDF White Papers


Using PMDF to leverage LDAP servers

PMDF can use LDAP in many ways to build and maintain a large-scale secure mail environment. PMDF allows you to leverage your existing LDAP database to simplify mail administration and authenticate users' e-mail access. In addition, mail administrators can use the LDAP v2 or v3 compliant LDAP server of their choice, because PMDF is not tied to any particular LDAP vendor's solution.

Messaging Backbone: PMDF vs. Exchange

A messaging backbone is responsible for receiving, storing, routing, and delivering messages within an enterprise or to remote sites via the Internet.

PMDF and Firewalls

PMDF, a full function SMTP server that implements ESMTP, can be used either in conjunction with a firewall or can be used on the firewall itself to dramatically improve the functionality and performance of a firewall for messaging.