MultiNet FAQ: General


Where on the HP web site can I get the HPE KRB$RTL.EXE shareable image?

You can find the HP software at:

How do I determine what version of MultiNet I'm running?

To determine what version of MultiNet you are running, type this command:


Are there any mailing lists or other ways to talk to other MultiNet users?

Process Software has created a public mailing list, as a forum for discussion among users of MultiNet. To subscribe, send electronic mail to, with the word SUBSCRIBE as the only word in the body of the message. After subscribing to the mailing list you will then receive a copy of all messages sent to the list. If you want to send a message to the list address it to

How can I find out what patches are available for MultiNet?

All released patches for MultiNet are available at Leave the fields blank and click submit to see all patches for all versions. For a list of patches for the most current version of MultiNet, click here.

What do I do if MultiNet fails to start on an Integrity system?

Check the granularity hints memory.


MultiNet requires the following amounts of VMS executive memory on Integrity platforms:

  • Execlet code region 87 pages
  • Execlet data region 472 pages

To insure that there is sufficient for MultiNet to load put the following lines in SYS$SYSTEM:MODPARAMS.DAT and do an autogen:


Is there a way to tell what process owns a connection?

You can use the MU SHOW/CONN=PID or MU SHOW/CONN=PROC commands to list the connections and the PID or name or the process that owns them.