TCP/IP Defined, 3rd Edition


TCP/IP rapidly extended its reach beyond the academic and technical communities into the commercial market, making the need for useful reference materials essential. This reference was created to serve as a resource for computer professionals world-wide who are looking to TCP/IP to bring interoperability to their dissimilar computer systems and networks.

This document can help you better understand general TCP/IP concepts and terminology, as well as the flexibility and extensive capabilities that have resulted in TCP/IP’s widespread acceptance.

Chapters 1 through 4 explain the origins of TCP/IP and internets, the elements that comprise internets, and the mechanics of addressing and routing data via internets.

Chapter 6 explains in detail the TCP/IP protocol layers.

Chapter 7 explains how to obtain additional information about TCP/IP through textbooks and Request for Comments (RFCs).

At the end of this document is a handy glossary of TCP/IP terminology and acronyms, plus additional information about Process Software Corporation and its networking solutions.


Table of Contents


1. Overview of TCP/IP

2. Elements of an Internet
3. Internet Addresses
4. Routing
5. Host Names
6. TCP/IP Protocols
7. Additional Reading