Technical Services Program


Process Software has provided organizations of all sizes superior customer support and service for over twenty years.

Process Software's Technical Support is very knowledgeable and responsive.

David Barnes, Systems Analyst, Kaleida Health

Process Software's Technical Support Group is very responsive and knowledgeable even with intricate DNS matters.

Minos Dounias, O.S. & Network Interoperability Specialist, General Dynamics


Process Software offers the following technical support programs:

Standard Maintenance Service includes telephone or email support during Process Software's published standard business hours. Process Software Technical Support Specialists provide customers with assistance on issues such as installation, configuration, compatibility, software troubleshooting and feature/functionality for Process Software products.

24-Hour Maintenance Service is available to North American customers and includes all services available with Standard Maintenance Service plus emergency troubleshooting telephone assistance, for up to three (3) designated contacts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some Process Software business partners also offer this service and should be contacted directly to learn more about their service programs.

Media and Documentation Update Service. This service provides customers with a new media kit and updated electronic documentation with each major software update. Media and Documentation Update Service may not be purchased on a standalone basis, only in conjunction with the purchase of Standard or 24 Hour Maintenance Service Agreement(s).

Contacting Technical Support:
Telephone: (800) 394-8700 or (508) 628-5074
For 24-Hour Support, please use the telephone number provided with the 24-Hour Maintenance Service package.