TCPware FAQ: Printing


Setting up a queue to a HP Laserjet

TCPware's Terminal Server print services can be used to print using the following syntax:


Replace host with the Internet address or host name of the printer and port with the port number on which the printer accepts incoming telnet connections for the print jobs. For example, to configure a TCPware queue called testprint to print to a printer at which is listening on port 9100 do the following:


You should now be able to issue print commands to that queue. HP and some other printers typically accept telnet connections to port 9100 for printing. See your printer documentation to confirm this.

TSSYM - unable to translate host name message

The TSSYM print symbiont is unable to translate the name printer into an Internet address. printer should be added to the HOSTS. file or into the proper DNS domain configuration. Alternately, if you know the Internet address you can change the queue to use it instead of the name and avoid the need for the translation.


When the following command is entered it returns an error. What causes this?

$ initialize /queue /processor=tcpware_tssym -
  /on=",2501,trimff,raw" queuename
%QUEMAN-F-INVQUAVAL, value '",2501,trimff,raw"' invalid for /ON qualifier

The /ON qualifier can not have string long than 31 characters. If you need to use more than 31 characters define the queue using the TCPWARE_TSSYM_qname logical, as described in the Management Guide under "Defining an Autostart Queue".