Add Services (UCX emulation)

The NETCU utility is used to add a service. To add a service that uses the UCX compatible protocols (BG_TCP and BG_UDP) you could run:


In the example above the service would be started on port 1280 using the bg_udp protocol. The service would run using the OpenVMS user user1. The file DISK:[DIRECTORY]STARTSERVICE.COM should contain a run command that starts the desired executable.

The add service command should be added to TCPWARE:SERVERS.COM so it is added every time TCPware starts.

For more information on the add service command see the NETCU Commands section of the TCPware Management Guide.

What is the proper way to change the timezone?

To change the timezone, edit, and change the value for the netcu_timezone parameter from EST to EDT, for example. Then @tcpware:restart and the tcpware_timezone* logicals will change.

If TCPware cannot be restarted, the timezone can be changed interactively by going into the NETCU utility to change it:

$ NETCU SET TIMEZONE +hh[mm[ss]] [name]



How do I add ARP entries?

Under normal circumstances, you do not need to use the ADD ARP command; ARP automatically maps internet addresses to physical addresses. You would add ARP entries only when a particular host does not support ARP.

You add ARP entries using the Network Control Utility program, NETCU. Each entry consists of an internet address paired with a physical address. You must have OPER privileges to add ARP entries.

To add entries, run NETCU from the DCL prompt, then enter the ARP command at the NETCU prompt, as follows:

NETCU> ADD ARP destination-ia physical_address

The format for the ARP command is:

ADD ARP destination-ia physical-address

The synonym is:

SET ARP destination-ia physical-address

More information about adding ARP entries is in Chapter 2 of the NETCU Command Reference.