PMDF Frequently Asked Questions


Tech Tips

Preventing SMTP Relaying



Why will PMDF not start after upgrading or installing a patch because of an expired license?



Why do I see "Recorded error -- Zero length SMTP status line" error?
Sometimes my email will back up with several hundred jobs that need to be processed, but my system resources are free. What can I do to prevent this?
Why do we get the errors: response to dot-stuffed message expected?


Filtering Mail

Should I use MAPS RBL or other blacklists?
What are some examples of Spam that PMDF can eliminate?
How do I minimize filtering mail that is not Spam (false positives)?
What are my PMDF filtering options?
What is the format of a Sieve filter?
Can you provide an example of a Sieve Filter for dealing with Spam?
Can I perform a case-sensitive test with Sieve filters?
How do I block emails with file attachments?
How to detemine which section of your Sieve file caught your spam. Also, this tech tip covers how to bypass filters.



I want to implement a firewall at my site. Can PMDF work in this environment?
Is there a way to list the individuals who have passwords entered in the PMDF password database (not the passwords themselves) so that system administrators can notify these users of planned changes?
Can I use the chained certificates Verisign now issues with PMDF TLS implementation?
Do we need to create certificates both in PMDF and in PreciseMail, or only in 1 of these products?



Why should I not use the Leave Mail on the server option in a POP3 client?
Creating Shared Folders via MessageStore
What is the simplest way to restrict access to a distribution list?
All of PMDF received mail needs to be archived for future retrieval in case of litigation? Is there any way to do that?
Can I prevent the PMDF mail gateway from delivering mail to our Exchange server while PMDF still receives incoming mail by stopping the dedicated channel or by some other means?
Is there a tool to trace a particular message in the PMDF mail log?
When PMDF reaches its daily license limit (e.g. 5000 msgs/day) it continues to process messages, but displays a warning. Where are the messages logged on Linux/UNIX?
Are rejected (J) messages counted against the license limit?
What does a "Y" record in the PMDF connection log signify?