MultiNet FAQ: NTP


Will NTP take care of setting the VMS logicals?

If you are running NTP (MultiNet 5.0+), then NTP will set the logicals SYS$TIMEZONE_DIFFERENTIAL, SYS$TIMEZONE_DAYLIGHT_SAVING and SYS$TIMEZONE_NAME if set_vms_logicals is included in the NTP.CONF file. Another configuration option that can be used to do additional things that need to be done is call_dst_proc. This will execute the procedure MULTINET:NPTD_DST_PROC.COM with the following parameters:

P1 = current time zone name
P2 = time zone offset in seconds
P3 = Day light saving time in effect (Y/N)
P4 = in twilight zone (the time when clocks fall back) (Y/N)
P5 = Startup or DST change ("START" or "DST")

Should I use the VMS system parameter AUTO_DLIGHT_SAV?

No. This will cause VMS to change the time also and will have unpredictable results.

I need to change some logical names at DST changes in support of various applications we run. How can I do this automatically?

MultiNet's version of NTP supports calling a DCL command procedure as part of the NTPD startup processing and at every DST change. This called procedure can contain whatever commands you need to define or change logicals, run programs, send messages, create or alter files, etc. For more information, see the MultiNet Installation & Administrator's Guide.

Does MultiNet change the system time for daylight savings time?

If you have configured a Timzone Rule and have NTP enabled, MultiNet changes the time automatically when the switch to or from Daylight Savings Time (DST) occurs. For further information, refer to the System Clock and Timezone Configuration section of the MultiNet Administrator's Guide.