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PMDF User Contributions

The links below will take you to various free software packages and procedures that have been contributed by other PMDF administrators. The utilities are not supported by Process Software, but we'd appreciate your mailing any comments you may have about the packages.

To contribute software, please contact Hunter Goatley <goathunter@process.com>.

Note: DCL command procedures here have been given the extension ".DCL" instead of the normal ".COM" to keep various browsers from assuming that they're PC executables.

REMOVEDISPLAY (Contributed by Francesco Gennai, 20-AUG-2020)

This PMDF channel removes the display name from the RFC2822.from header line in messages. The original RFC2822.from is copied to the header line x-original-from. This can help users more easily identify phishing scams that claim to be from someone they're not.

For example. the following header:

  From: DHL customer service 

will be rewritten as:

  From: hiss@somedomain.com

and the following header line will be added to the message header:

  X-original-from: DHL customer service 

Software from Tom Wade (T.Wade@vms.eurokom.ie)

PMDF Statistics is a program that analyzes the MAIL.LOG files produced by PMDF and generate statistics reports.

Name Router is a centralized e-mail routing facility, that can accept mail addressed to firstname.lastname@company.com and route it to the correct actual e-mail address. It is used in conjunction with a mailer such as PMDF or MX.

vFastScan Lite offers a faster interface on OpenVMS systems between PMDF and Sophos VSWEEP using the Sophos API. This results in significant performance gains over using the VSWEEP command (up to 15 fold increases have been seen).

QUOTAMAN (Contributed by Tim Calvert)

QUOTAMAN is a procedure that checks the quota of all users and sends an email notification to anyone who has used at least 90% of their quota. It stores the users who have been notified in an indexed file so they don't receive duplicate notices. After each run, it checks the quota of each user in the indexed file and deletes those who have dropped below 90% usage so they'll receive another notice next time they exceed 90%.

EMAIL CUSTODIAN (Contributed by Tim Calvert)

The EMAIL CUSTODIAN performs housekeeping on mail files on the system by performing the following tasks for each user:

DIGEST (Contributed by Joel M. Snyder)

DIGEST is a DCL command procedure that works with PMDF's DELIVER component to create digests for mailing lists. Instructions are included at the top of the command procedure.

PMDF_DNS_HOLD (Contributed by Werner Raksts)

A DCL command procedure to search within PMDF_QUEUE-tree for messages with DNS-Problems and rename them. More and more sites do DNS-Reverse Lookups and don't accept mails that fail. Those messages are marked mostly with 4.2.1 or 4.5.1 codes, which makes it temporary and PMDF tries again and again. To stop this senseless waste of bandwitch and resources, this batch should run from time to time (depending on the local needings). The Procedure looks in the whole PMDF_QUEUE-Tree for messages (*.%%;) containing MX or DNS error messages (feel free to extend the list when new phrases are seen) and renames them off PMDF's processing scheme.

Older VMS Mail utilities

The VMS_MAIL_TOOLS directory contains some older tools previously supplied by Innosoft.

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