General Dynamics Case Study


General Dynamics Worldwide Telecommunications Systems in Needham, MA is a leader in providing communications and information systems for defense, government, and industries worldwide. With over 2,500 users in the division, a stable TCP/IP environment is critical. General Dynamics chose Process Software and MultiNet as their preferred TCP/IP for OpenVMS services.

"MultiNet's reliability and performance are unmatched - providing us with TCP/IP services that we can confidently set up and not worry about," stated Minos Dounias, O.S. & Network Interoperability Specialist, General Dynamics. "MultiNet's mail services are superior and more versatile than Compaq's TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS. MultiNet even includes a spam filtering capability, which helps in the prevention of receiving unwanted e-mail." 

MultiNet also offers superior, time saving service management by using a single interface. Dounias added, "Telnet, Rshell, FTP, DNS and other configurations can all be done through one interface with MultiNet. Compaq's TCP/IP often requires you to edit several different files, management utilities and configurations to accomplish the same goal." 

Not only does General Dynamics Telecommunication System division rely on MultiNet for its own mission-critical applications, but also uses MultiNet as their "TCP/IP for OpenVMS stack of choice" when rolling TCP/IP services out to their clients worldwide. "We've installed MultiNet to support several large government and international organizations' TCP/IP services. MultiNet is easy to setup and provides advanced functionality required to support a variety of their requirements," says Dounias. 

MultiNet has proven to be a very dependable TCP/IP product for mission critical applications. As an avid user of MultiNet from v3.2 - v4.2, while working at three organizations, Dounias stated, "MultiNet has a tremendous track record for reliability and advanced features. Process Software's Technical Support Group is very responsive and knowledgeable even with intricate DNS matters. MultiNet also has an overwhelming amount of support through its online newsgroup - with original MultiNet developers still responding to comments."